Saturday, 13 June 2015

A week away - part two

Why is it a week away is never as long as a week at work?
The last day of our holiday came oh so quickly, we decided to become proper tourists and took
a trip on the " Seaton Tramway" with a strapline like "it's electric!" how could we not?

One you've paid you can go up and down the line to Colyton as many times as you like. I found myself waving a complete strangers and grinning like a mad woman. On arrival we had breakfast in the cafe (bacon and eggs butties washed down with tea!)

Seaton Tramway operates narrow gauge heritage trams between Seaton, Colyford and Colyton in East Devon's glorious Axe Valley, travelling alongside the River Axe estuary through two nature reserves and giving an unrivalled view of the abundant wading bird life.

Me trying to enjoy having my photo taken!

Our last night came soon enough and we were packing up to return home and back to the realities of work :(

Bye Bye Devon x

We stayed at Byre at Bulmoor a converted stable

Places of interest 

Auction House

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A week away - part one

This is the first proper holiday we've had in a long time, we normally do day trips or the ocassional overnight stay in a hotel. We were rather excited! 
Our accommodation for the week was a converted stable in Musbury, which isn't far from Seaton in Devon.

On our first night we found refreshments in the Lion Hotel in Lyme Regis

Monday was peeing down with rain but we'd done a little research and found out an auction would be on when we where visiting. Lyme Bay auctions, hold one a month and have two auctions running simultaneously on two floors.  I have to say this was very dangerous and I wish we'd had a van.  I had to leave so many bargains behind!

The sun finally shone and the wind was blowing when we revisited Lyme Regis on Tuesday. A little retail therapy in Seasalt and a relax on the beach was just what the doctor ordered. We found this abandoned Sandcastle which I thought was worthy of a photo. 

Wednesday we found ourselves in Weymouth.

I love "Flying Horses" these were on the seafront in a bandstand style seating area and couldn't resist a photo.

We took a trip to Exeter's Historic Quay Side on Thursday, and once we'd finally negotiated the traffic and fairly confusing road system, we could finally relax and enjoy the craft shops , glass blower, iron monger and antique centres. 

With plenty of choice of places to eat, it was worth a visit. The more adventurous could hire bikes and kayaks, we just bought an ice-cream! 

Our adventures as always, where peppered with little pit stops!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Orla and her coffee jars

Like many others I've spent the last few weeks hunting down jars of coffee.  Why would I be doing such a thing you may well ask?! I blame social media, really I do!

Some might say I'm a marketing mans dream,  in part, I know that not to be true. Many adverts on T.V get the small print scrutiny from me, products that get 60% positive feedback compared to their usual brand, when tested on 90 people, doesn't cut the mustard and frankly don't impress.

But, here's my problem, brand my favourite coffee in Orla Kiely printed jars, in three different patterns...well that's a different matter. After seeing envying them being happily displayed in kitchens across the land, panic sets in! Will I find them before they sell out? (after all they are limited edition! )

The answer; Yes, I did an online order and got them delivered to my door.  I'm keen, but a little lazy, panic over!

It's not the first time I've had a rush to the head over a product I've seen on the Internet.
Anyone remember the hunt for the Aldi fake crochet table cloth!  Three purchased, thank you!

I like things that cheer up the ordinary tasks in life, so with that in mind here's a new one to look out for...Plastic Dolly Pegs! They grip like an all in wrestler, don't leave "wood stains" on your clothes and they come from Poundland. A whole British pound for a little updated nostalgia when hanging out your briefs, marvellous!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Missing in Instagram again

This feels really funny, I haven't posted to my little old blog in well over a year. One of the main reasons was a slight shift in my health and motivation, when life bowls you a googly, you tend to take stock and regroup.

I'm still not quite as I should be, but as they say, that's life. One of the things I invested my endless time in was Instagram. Hospital now has free wifi, thank god, so I was able to communicate with the outside world and all my friends by posting pictures (mainly of my meals) to cheer me them up!

I've made good IG friends, many I already followed or they followed me in blogland. The main attraction for me, is that you can post instantly, with just a few words and generally the hash-tags do the work for you...I've always been lazy :)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Love is all around us

My chalk board painted inside my larder cupboard door

After a quick flick round the house with a duster (get me) I noticed how many objects I have that are heart orientated. I've got them hanging off doors, lighting up shelves, and decorating cupboards.

love really is all around us!

Happy Valentines Day to you all x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Burnt Jam Hearts

As a couple we don't do roses or go for a "special" meals out to celebrate Valentines Day, we're more of a large bar of chocolate with a cuppa tea and a homemade gift kinda couple. How could I forget my love heart roll that was so heavy and hard it never went mouldy and was kept for years or my love heart jam tart that I forgot was in the oven a burnt so badly it welded itself to the baking tray? You don't get that kinda quality gift from the supermarket do you? (!)

So after fifteen years I tend to stick to cards and non-baked goods!  Whilst dusting (!) today I found a few of my most recent efforts wedged between some books in our dining room. Some sewn, some paper cutting and even a little vinyl and wire work too!

 None cost as much as a shop card just a little time and effort which is what Valentines is all about x

Happy Valentines Day! Do you make your cards and gifts? I'd love to see them!

A Year of a Twiggy Pom Pom Tree

Last year I made some twiggy trees in jam jars to decorate the tables at our office Christmas party. Dog wood twigs from the garden painted and sprinkled with glitter, topped with red wool pom poms created the tree framework. With cheapo star battery lights from Poundland woven through the twigs, a Happy Christmas garland made from ink stamping, bakers twine and an old book completed the look.

After the party I gave each of my Pom pom crew (the girls helped make the pom poms) a tree and took one home for myself, adding a vase in place of the jar and my twigs have gone a full year and decorated our table and mantel with each season.

Christmas 2012

Easter 2013

with the edition of handmade fabric eggs

Summer 2013

Multi coloured poms and a robin!

Christmas 2013

Silver mini baubles in place of poms, a feather bird and glitter festive greeting (lights still working!)

Now 2014 

Loads of feathered birds and a pom to match each one, adding a little colour
on these wet, windy days.

My twiggy tree has made me smile with happiness all year, not sure my OH would agree though!

The birds came from Tiger (2013) and only cost a few pounds 

The lights - Poundland £1!

Multi Pack batteries for lights ( I had originally 6 sets of lights) Poundland £1

Paint, Glitter and Wool for Pompoms - already owned.